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Marc Howard Siegel

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Marc Howard Siegel - Positive Traits

Marc Howard Siegel is a prominent business executive in Florida. He holds a degree in Economics from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. His skillset includes a background in training and operations, market research and analysis, project construction supervision, and budget planning and management.

His work has taken him all over the world. He lived for a year in Mexico City and has traveled throughout the Caribbean. He also spent seven months in Taiwan, Macau, and Mainland China. He is known to friends and family as a hardworking and chivalrous gentleman who is generous, fun to be around, caring, loyal, humorous, and above all intelligent.

These traits have served Marc Howard Siegel well throughout the course of his career and have been the building blocks of his success. As he knows, they are among the most important personality traits that have been identified by major employers and career counselors, as they reveal his constant and positive patterns of behavior, temperament and emotion.

One of the top characteristics that employers look for is attitude, and this is a trait that Marc Howard Siegel has in abundance and brings to every work situation he is in. It is his ability to stay optimistic and positive, even in the face of adversity. He also brings a high level of enthusiasm to his work, and colleagues have always commented on how infectious it can be; he has the ability to lift those around him to focus on goals and do so with great fire and spirit.

 Marc Howard Siegel also has no fear of failure, and this is one of the traits that have stood him well during his career. He has always been driven by his ambition. There have been times that he has come across a business opportunity and known that it contained an element of risk, but held such promise if successful that it was too good to pass up. And so he took the necessary risk and stepped into the unknown, and it has almost always paid off.

He knows that no one gets things right all the time, but he has the ability to turn every setback into a learning experience. He sees what works and what doesn't. He understands that it's easy to become overly critical of one's self, but that this is not a constructive attitude, it  only drains energy and serves no good purpose. He has learned to not be too hard on himself if he falls short of one goal or another, because knowing what went wrong means that it can be prevented the next time around.

The key to all that Marc Howard Siegel has accomplished is his tremendous self-discipline. This is a trait that is closely tied to his persistence. Nothing in the world is more important: not skill or talent or education. As he knows, the world is full of skilled and talented people and those with great education who nonetheless failed to live up to their potential. Persistence alone is the most important character trait in his arsenal.

Marc Howard Siegel - Fine Dining

Marc Howard Siegel enjoys eating out whenever he can. He has his favorite restaurants, and goes to them whenever he has the opportunity: The Palm Restaurant, the Capital Grille, and George's in the Grove, considered the best French restaurant in Miami. What these places all have in common is fine food, and a commitment to excellence.

Fine dining is as much about the ambience as it is about the food, so a great restaurant is going to give a lot of attention to the lighting, to the art they display on the walls, and to creating the overall atmosphere. It's all about taste. It doesn't necessarily mean classical music or long-stemmed roses on every table, or prints of European masterpieces adorning the walls. It can be all of those things and more. They key is in its subtlety, so that is all adds up to an intangible quality that is the experience of participating in a fine meal.

As Marc Howard Siegel knows, the servers play a critical role in the fine dining experience. No matter what type of restaurant it is, the servers need to be at their best. It is critical that they have experience and knowledge of the restaurant business and are able to explain the entire menu to the inquisitive guest, without having to ask someone for the answer or use notes. They should have enough knowledge of the pairings of food and wine to make good suggestions, and answer any questions that the guest might have.

The servers do more than just take orders, answer questions, and bring the guests their food. In a genuine fine dining experience a server is likely to be the one to escort a party to their table, and even hold the chair out for women. This is the sort of nod to chivalry that has great appeal to Marc Howard Siegel, a man noted for his personal chivalry and gentlemanly good manners. A good server may even escort a guest to the rest room, wipe crumbs from the table between courses of a meal, replace linen napkins if a patron leaves the table, and refill water glasses at regular intervals without having to be asked.

From his own experience Marc Howard Siegel knows that a fine dining establishment is going to take reservations, and he understands that this is an excellent idea. It allows the restaurant staff to space parties apart, and make sure that the wait staff and the kitchen are not overwhelmed, allowing them to perform to the best of their abilities. Sometimes, as an alternative to taking reservations, a fine dining establishment will take seatings at specified times: a five o'clock seating, a seven o'clock seating, and a nine o'clock seating, for example. This serves the same function as reservations.

Finally, a fine dining establishment is going to offer only the best: from the food to the wine to the liquor and spirits, they will provide diners with quality from first to last. When it is all working right it can mean a lot of money for the restaurant. But it takes money to make money, and the high quality of the food and beverages and staff come at a price. But it is a price that is worth paying.

Marc Howard Siegel - George's In the Grove

Marc Howard Siegel is a deeply accomplished business executive who makes his home in Florida. He has always enjoyed the finer things in life, including good restaurants, and in Miami his favorite French restaurant is George's in the Grove.

"They have always claimed to be different when it comes to providing their customers not just with great food, but impeccable service," he says, "and that's the way they have remained. Whether you are a Francophile, or someone just looking for some delectable French-American cuisine, George's in the Grove is a delightful bistro that satisfies [my] French craving."

As Marc Howard Siegel knows, George's in the Grove is proud of what it refers to as its ever-evolving and often-mysterious menu, which may feature anything from French platters and American hamburgers alongside its more traditional French haute cuisine. All of it is in an eclectic atmosphere that has everything from Zen music to Buddha art and disco balls. The owners say they love to make the dining experience at George's in the Grove as mysterious as it is memorable. They also value their customers, and are always providing great special offers along with the complementary champagne for everyone.

Marc Howard Siegel has always found wonderful food and a great ambiance at George's in the Grove, along with an outstanding wine list in a friendly and accommodating milieu. The chefs there are able to serve up the delightful and delectable, and the owners operate on the notion that variety is, indeed, the spice of life.


Marc Howard Siegel - The Upper East Side

Marc Howard Siegel is a business development executive who lives in Florida. He has had a diverse career that has taken him to some of the world's major population centers. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics, which he earned from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida.

After his graduation he relocated to one of the great cities of the world, New York, where he lived in Manhattan on its then-trendy Upper East Side. "This area experienced a downward population movement during recent years, however as of late is enjoying a revival," he recalls. "Living on York Avenue, just a short walk from 5th and Madison Avenues, with restaurants everywhere. This location was an upscale quiet area, where many business executives called their home."

Then as now, New York's Upper East Side is a diverse and densely populated area with some of the most expensive real estate in the United States; as Marc Howard Siegel knows, it is the home of some of the great concentrations of wealth in the USA. More than two hundred thousand people live in that celebrated area bounded by 59th Street, 96th Street, Central Park, and the East River. After the arrival of Europeans to what would become known as New York, the Upper East Side area was mostly rural farmland.

The railroad changed all that starting in 1837. New immigration in the latter part of the nineteenth century led to new land development, and the entire Upper East Side area was mostly built up by the 1890s.